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What Google’s New Logo Means for Resume Fonts

by Donna Svei September 2, 2015

Yesterday, Google switched its logo from a serif to a sans serif font (more on what a serif is here) for the first time in its 17-year history. You can compare the old Google logo (left, above) to the new logo (right, above) and see that the sans serif font has a simpler, cleaner look. Why […]

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Company Research: Speed It Up by Using Two Google Tricks

by Donna Svei September 1, 2015

You know that company research benefits your job search and career in many ways. For instance, when you research the company you’re about to interview with, you: Look more prepared in your interviews. Ask more intelligent questions in your interviews. Might find out they’re not the company for you. Then you won’t waste anyone’s time […]

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Superior Alternatives to LinkedIn Groups

by Donna Svei August 14, 2015

While LinkedIn Groups still get the most attention for online, professional networking, there is a breaking revolution away from the giant to sites that: People visit more often. Offer a better user experience (UX). Provide more tailored resources. You can now find networks full of the people you want to reach, connect with, learn from, […]

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10 Pieces of Information Your Professional Resume Leaks

by Donna Svei August 13, 2015

Many people yearn for the death of the professional resume. Maybe that’s because it tells a savvy reader so much about a person. Or perhaps it’s because it tells us so much about ourselves. That not withstanding, it’s important to understand what skilled readers see in your resume beyond the obvious. Here are ten of […]

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Smart Job Search Advice: Stop Looking for a Job

by Donna Svei July 27, 2015

UK job search coach, Chris Delaney, offers good job search advice for every stalled, demotivated job seeker in the world:   “Stop looking for a job.” Make a List Let yourself off the hook. Rather than looking for a job, make a list of everything you need to do to find a job. Then pick […]

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Avoid This Common Mistake with Your Resume’s Keywords

by Donna Svei July 22, 2015

Smart passive and active job seekers use resume keywords (and LinkedIn keywords) to help recruiters find them in applicant tracking systems, on job boards, and on LinkedIn. The Common Mistake People Make with Resume Keywords The problem is, many people don’t stop to think about the possibility that there might be more than one version […]

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