Three Easy Ways to Find Email Addresses

find email address by Donna Svei November 10, 2015

Have you found recruiters you want to contact, but you can’t find their email addresses? An AvidCareerist reader finds himself in that situation: Hi Donna, I was researching how to get in touch with Deloitte recruiters and came across your article about how to find Big 4 recruiters on LinkedIn. I have had success in […]

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10 Types of Annoying Facebook Posts That Hurt Your Career

Annoying Facebook posts by Donna Svei November 4, 2015

You’ve read all the advice about locking your Facebook account down so recruiters and HR professionals can’t look at it. You’ve done that. Now you’re free to cut loose. Right? Not so fast. Look at your Friends list. Do you see any current or former colleagues there? Classmates? People who might refer you to your […]

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How One Job Seeker Doubled Down and Got Her Dream Job

Thumbnail image for How One Job Seeker Doubled Down and Got Her Dream Job by Donna Svei September 29, 2015

I bet you carry a vision of a dream job in your head. Many people do, but very few act to make their dreams reality. This post tells the story (as told to me by Jeff Adams, a Career Coach at Charlotte Works) of how one woman got her dream job. The Job Seeker Drew […]

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How To Find a Quality Recruiter

Thumbnail image for How To Find a Quality Recruiter by Donna Svei September 20, 2015

Last week, a Twitter friend asked me this: “…can you offer any advice on how I can tell who the quality recruiters are?” I’ve been pondering her question since I saw it. Here’s my answer: Quality Recruiters Work for Companies Where You Want to Work The best way to find a quality recruiter is to […]

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How to Use Canva to Quickly Make a Perfectly Sized LinkedIn Background Image

LinkedIn Background Image Default by Donna Svei September 13, 2015

Every person who views your LinkedIn profile sees your background image. Boring blue says, “Boring you.” Learn how to sizzle your look in less than five minutes. Use Canva, a free design site, to make a perfectly sized, custom image that helps you tell your professional story. Interested? Read on to see how easy Canva is […]

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What Google’s New Logo Means for Resume Fonts

Resume Font by Donna Svei September 2, 2015

Yesterday, Google switched its logo from a serif to a sans serif font (more on what a serif is here) for the first time in its 17-year history. You can compare the old Google logo (left, above) to the new logo (right, above) and see that the sans serif font has a simpler, cleaner look. Why […]

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Company Research: Speed It Up by Using Two Google Tricks

Thumbnail image for Company Research: Speed It Up by Using Two Google Tricks by Donna Svei September 1, 2015

You know that company research benefits your job search and career in many ways. For instance, when you research the company you’re about to interview with, you: Look more prepared in your interviews. Ask more intelligent questions in your interviews. Might find out they’re not the company for you. Then you won’t waste anyone’s time […]

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Superior Alternatives to LinkedIn Groups

by Donna Svei August 14, 2015

While LinkedIn Groups still get the most attention for online, professional networking, there is a breaking revolution away from the giant to sites that: People visit more often. Offer a better user experience (UX). Provide more tailored resources. You can now find networks full of the people you want to reach, connect with, learn from, […]

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