No-Brainer Job Interview Prep with Glassdoor

You just scheduled a job interview. Congratulations! You want to prepare to ace it. What’s your first step? Visit to see how much you can learn about your target company’s interviewing practices.

Check Out Glassdoor Interviews

Glassdoor lets people who have talked with a company report out on their interviews.

To see what you can find:

  1. Go to Glassdoor’s “Interviews” page here.
  2. Enter the company’s name.
  3. Read all the results for all the jobs.
  4. You will have to join (free) to read more than ten results. It’s worth it.

I just learned quite a bit about an interview coaching client’s upcoming interview. He should expect:

  1. One-on-one and panel interviews.
  2. Behavioral based interview questions (positive and negative examples).
  3. Case studies and/or hypothetical questions.
  4. Questions about the state of the art in his area of technical expertise.
  5. Questions about his team building, leadership, and collaboration skills.
  6. Questions about what he knows about the company. More here.
  7. Conservative dress.
  8. “Yes” or “no” feedback within one month.
  9. A drug test if he’s offered a job.

Glassdoor is an Interview Preparation Goldmine

If people have used to report on your company of interest, you will find incredible information to help you prepare for your next interview.

Oh, and remember to pay it forward by sharing information about your interviews there as well.

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Updated June 2017

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  1. Great reference. I’ve heard of Glass Door but never used it before. Taking a quick look, it seems like a really valuable resource.

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