HOW TO: Brand Your LinkedIn Vanity URL

You can brand your personal LinkedIn URL.

by Donna Svei on March 1, 2013

How ugly are LinkedIn profile URLs? Pretty bad. Mine looks like this:  Try putting that on a resume or a business card. Not.

But it’s OK, because LinkedIn lets you set up a personal URL for your profile. This is also known as a vanity URL. Mine looks like this: Much nicer, huh? I have the good fortune, as far as I know, of being the only Donna Svei on the planet.

Not the case for a resume client I worked with this week. I asked him to get a personal URL for his resume. He has a common first name and a wildly common last name. Yep, there are 813 men named Ken Lee on LinkedIn. Well, Ken Lee isn’t his real name, but you get my drift.

So I asked him to do something to distinguish himself from all the other Ken Lee guy types on LinkedIn. I specifically asked him not to put a number after his name. Instead, I asked him to add a bit o’ branding.

For example, I could use:

Hmmm, I like it — except that I’m also a retained search consultant. He came back with:


Not really, because his name isn’t Ken Lee and he isn’t a sales manager. But again, you get my drift. He used his vanity URL, to do some branding.

Now imagine putting that branded personal URL right below your name on your resume, or on your business card. Riveting. Immediate branding. Immediate credibility. Try it.

Here’s a quick video on how to get your vanity URL. Jose does a little branding too and he has a rather lovely #DowntonAbbeyIsh accent. Win/win!


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