Your Resume & The Psychology of Fonts — Infographic

Best Fonts for Resumes

by Donna Svei on March 25, 2013

A recent AvidCareerist post shared an infographic about serif and sans serif fonts and talked about when to use which type of font on your resume. Spoiler: The post concluded that sans serif fonts rule for the narrative content of resumes. Don’t know your serif from your sans serif? The post explains that as well. 

Now comes a new infographic, The Psychology of Fonts. Look at some classic choices for sans serif fonts (the second category below) and what each might imply about you to people reading your resume. Have a little fun experimenting with these. Or go here, where I’ve done it for you. Check which fonts scale well to the volume of information you want to share, their eye appeal, and their subliminal message.

In addition, check out the serif fonts, and their associations, for fonts you might choose for headings and other limited uses on your resume. I’ve always been a fan of Times New Roman — perhaps because it says, “Reliable.” Who knew?

The psychology of fonts

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