12 Pitfalls of Working From Home — Infographic

A recent study from Intuit predicts that contingent workers will make up over 40% of the U.S. workforce by 2020. That means many more people will be working from home – maybe even you.

Regus, a company that rents flexible office space, asked 24,000 people worldwide to identify the biggest challenges people face in working from home. Their report can be seen here. The infographic below gives a good summary.

There aren’t any surprises in the report, but it does make a good checklist to consider before you make any changes. Figure out how you will protect yourself from dangerous productivity busters now, before you move home.

BTW, those household noises they mention? The scariest ones are the sound of your refrigerator door opening and closing all day long and then your screams when you realize how much weight you’ve gained.

Interestingly, I think they missed the biggest challenge — knowing when to stop working each day. When you commute in your bathrobe down the hall, it can be very easy to let work take over your life. In addition to other preventive measures, be sure you build time into your life for something other than work!

The Work From Home Disadvantage.

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  1. I am married with two children (8 and 6 years old). I have been working from home for 24 months and have noticed this is the worst time I am experiencing. My husband is a firefighter who’s schedule is very inconsistent. The majority of the time I am responsible for picking the kids up from School and then bringing them to their sports. This is all done at the end of the day but before my business day ends. Even when my husband is home from work to take on this responsibility he is high maintenance also so that I feel that my day revolves around them. I feel like I lost myself been more irritable sad angry resentful and just in a deep dark hole don’t know how to get out.

    Hi Kristen,

    Do you have any friends who work from home? You might want to talk with them about how they set boundaries around their work. It’s a big challenge but also one that you can master with ideas, time, and practice.

    Best wishes,


  2. Initially, the distractions of working from home can really get to you, but eventually you can get your bearings. Of course, that means slightly changing your working conditions and setting schedules and new house rules and priorities. In any case, office work has its own set of distractions as well.

    Good point Tiffany…that cookie in the coffee shop downstairs WAS always winking at me. Thank you, Donna

  3. At my last job if we worked from home we signed a contract stating we were not the primary care giver for children. My children went to day care unless their dad was home. Working at home should be no different from working in the office if done properly.

    Now that my children are older it is more difficult when they come home from school, but they need to be trained and rewarded with incentives to let me work during work time. Then they need my full attention during mommy time.

    Hi Lori, That makes sense. Thank you for sharing an idea that others might find useful. Donna

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