3 Places to Feature Your Contact Info on Your LinkedIn Profile

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by Donna Svei on April 22, 2013

Hopefully after reading last week’s post about what a CLiM (Career Limiting Move) it is to omit contact info from your LinkedIn profile, you’re wondering, “What’s the best way to show my contact info?” LinkedIn actually gives you several opportunities. We’re going to cover three of them here.

To use any of them, you need to be in Profile Edit mode so click Profile/Edit Profile on the drop down menu at the top of the page and let’s get going.

First, let’s look at how to add contact info to the top box of your profile. Click “Edit Contact Info” (see the red arrow in the screenshot below).

At a minimum, add an email address that you more or less check daily. Adding your mobile number will make it delightfully easy for us recruiter types to contact you. We will like you for that. A lot. Note in the screenshot below that I include tons a bunch of info. Most of it is beyond the scope of this post, but just look at what’s possible! Click the little blue edit pencils (see the lower red arrow) for the info you want to add and click “Done Editing” (see the other red arrow) when you’re, um, done editing.

Second, add contact info at the bottom of your summary. Why? Because your summary shows when your LinkedIn profile comes up in Google search results. This helps people who aren’t in your network contact you. You can see more of my profile here to see how I’ve done that. While you’re there, please don’t hesitate to invite me to connect on LinkedIn. You’ll need my email address: donnasvei@gmail.com. I love connecting with the people who read my blog!

Third, let’s look at the “Additional Info” section of your profile where you can give “Advice” on how to contact you. Again, at a minimum, be sure to provide your email address (see the red arrow below). Put this toward the bottom of your profile so someone who has read through it doesn’t have to scroll back up to your Summary section to contact you. You can move this section around by dragging and dropping it (see the green arrow below).

Now recruiters will be able to contact you with what might be your next great job. Note to the self-employed: this also makes it possible for potential clients to contact you.

And remember, if you really don’t want to know about opportunities, and I know some people don’t, then leave your profile shrouded in mystery, sans contact information.

I write executive resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Save time. Get hired. Email me at donnasvei@gmail.com or call me at (208) 721-0131.

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