SLIDESHARE: 12 Things You Wish You’d Known Before You Took the Job

The response to the infographic that and I partnered on, 12 Things You Wish You’d Known Before You Took the Job, has been terrific — thank you. Because of this, we have converted the content into a slideshare which can be downloaded here

Please feel free to use this slideshare on your blog or in your newsletter, but even better, please feel free to use it to lead a discussion or make a presentation at your career development center, professional association meeting, job club, local library, sorority, fraternity, etc.

In addition to providing valuable information to others, discussions and presentations help you build your professional portfolio. With a little planning, you can capture some powerful still and video images of yourself. You just need a friend who takes good pictures and a smart phone.

Very simply:

  1. Before your presentation, check the lighting so you know your face isn’t shadowed.
  2. Ask your friend to take some still photos of you behind the podium. Done well, these make wonderfully authoritative shots to use as LinkedIn profile pictures or to share in your Summary, Experience, or Education sections.
  3. Further, ask your friend to shoot some brief videos. Map out a few good segments before you start. You can upload the video to YouTube and add it to your LinkedIn profile as noted above to demonstrate your presentation skills.

If you want to anticipate the type of questions and comments you might get, check out the lively discussion about this infographic on Lifehacker here. You might also like the insightful analysis of the post that Dave Farquhar wrote here.

For me, the toughest parts of doing a presentation are putting the media together and wondering what types of conversations might ensue. We’ve covered both of those bases for you. Enjoy! You might help someone avoid taking the wrong job offer.

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