Your LinkedIn Profile Photo Isn’t Just About You

LinkedIn profile photo

by Donna Svei on May 11, 2013

Julie Walraven has a great post today explaining why you need a LinkedIn profile photo. She writes, “People instinctively trust someone more if they can see their face.” She’s right.

Interestingly, the trust issue doesn’t impact just you. It also affects anyone you recommend or endorse on LinkedIn. Remember, when you make a recommendation or endorsement, your profile photo shows on that person’s LinkedIn profile. Don’t be that drab, anonymous silhouette you see in the screenshot above. While your friends and colleagues surely appreciate your support, you can see it has more impact when it’s connected to a face than when it’s not.

So please, get a profile photo up. If you don’t care about it for yourself, do it for your valued friends and colleagues.

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