5 Reasons Calibri is the Best Font for Your Resume

Love Calibri as the best font for resumes.

by Donna Svei on May 20, 2013

Oh Calibri, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

  1. 12-point Calibri produces perfectly sized resumes of 550 to 750 words on two pages. If you need more space, 11-point works well too.
  2. Because of this, Calibri focuses writers on telling their readers a 100% relevant story of reasonable length — the best kind.
  3. Research has shown that readers associate Calibri with stability. Employers like stability in an employee.
  4. Calibri was made to be read on a computer screen, which is where most people read resumes. It renders beautifully.
  5. Calibri is Microsoft Word’s default font. Thus, it’s familiar to readers and easy on their eyes. The more resumes they read, the more that matters.

Yes, Calibri, when it comes to resumes, you’re simply fontastic!

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