5 Ways Your LinkedIn Profile Helps Recruiters Source Candidates

Recruiters are LinkedIn sourcing omnivores. We’ll eat your young to find the best candidates for our clients to hire. Within limits. Just kidding. No limits. Within the bounds of integrity. Just kidding again. OK, within the bounds of integrity, as defined by each individual recruiter. Yep, that’s the real world people.

So, here’s what you can do to keep us focused on your profile and avoid steering us to a heap of other contenders for your next job.

#1: Your References & Skills Endorsers

As long as we’re scooting around your profile, we look at who has recommended you to see if any of your fans might be a good fit for searches we’re working on. Thus, think twice about accepting recommendations and endorsements from people who might be direct competitors for jobs.

#2: People You’ve Recommended

If you’re a generous soul who recommends the competition, at least don’t display those recommendations on your profile because we’re going to look at them if you do.

  1. Click your avatar in the upper right-hand corner of the LinkedIn screen.
  2. Click “Privacy & Settings.”
  3. Click “Manage Your Recommendations” toward the lower right-hand corner of the screen.
  4. Click “Given” toward the top left-hand corner of the screen.
  5. Click “No One” at “Display on My Profile.”
  6. Click “Save.”

#3: Your Project Partners

Oh yes, this is yummy. You know those people you list as team members on your projects? We’re very interested in them. Think twice about using this functionality of LinkedIn if it leads you to leading recruiters to people who can compete with you for jobs.

#4: Your Connections

It stands to reason you would be connected to people who have the same skills you do. I’ve been known to go through all 500+ of someone’s connections looking for gold. And I’ve found gold.

  1. Go back to “Privacy & Connections.”
  2. Under “Privacy Controls” click “Select Who Can See Your Connections.”
  3. Choose “Only You” and click “Save.”

#5: Other People Viewed by Viewers of Your Profile

LinkedIn makes it easy for us to follow the tracks of other recruiters – unless you thwart us.

  1. Go back to “Privacy & Settings.”
  2. Click “Show/Hide Viewers of This Profile Also Viewed Box.”
  3. Uncheck the box and click “Save.”

Final Thoughts

Don’t let your LinkedIn profile be a recruiters’ treasure map. Tighten it up to keep recruiters’ eyeballs on your profile rather than introducing them to other potential candidates.

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  1. Donna,

    This is a terrific article. I salute you for being forthright. I look forward to the prospects of doing business with you someday. I picked up on this little dirty secret of the recruiting industry quite sometime ago. Some recruiters would bait LinkedIn users with some bogus great job opportunity just as a pretext to send a LinkedIn invitation. All the privacy settings you suggested have been implemented on my LinkedIn profile for little less than a year now. Again, this article is apropos! Keep up the wonderful work!


    Hi Narcisse,

    Thank you. Recruiters are just trying to make a living. You get to decide how much you want to help them and how.


  2. Thanks for the tips — profile updated!

    My pleasure William. Good to see you! Donna

  3. Donna,

    Nice tips; I often find myself on the fence with #4.



    Thank you Rich. Donna

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