LinkedIn’s Search Algorithm Favors the Employed

My resume and LinkedIn profile clients want recruiters to find them on LinkedIn. Because of this, I continuously test LinkedIn to figure out better SEO techniques to get them a higher SERP position. It’s a fun labyrinth to muck around in – lots of nooks and crannies and hypotheses to test.

I’ve noticed I can help my unemployed clients gain rank in search results if we add a position to their profiles that creates a current employer and job title for them. This added position can be very simple. It might look like:

Company Name: Consulting

Title: [Most Important Keyword Recruiters Would Use to Find You]

Time Period: 2013 – I currently work here

(I should note that most of my clients are at a place in their careers where they usually are doing at least a little consulting while they’re looking for their next job. Please see the “Comments” section below for a second “I currently work here” option.)

The key, for a boost in the search result rankings, appears to be having the “I currently work here” box checked for at least one job that’s listed on your profile.

Like this:


If you’re unemployed, do a people search on your most important keyword and see where you rank in your own search results. Then add a new, current position to your profile such as the one described above. Repeat the keyword people search. I bet you’ve improved your search results page rank! I’ve seen some people get a little boost and others get a big boost.

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  1. Joyce Yamashita

    Another way to address this for job seekers is to put a volunteer position in that section instead of in the volunteer or causes section, as volunteer roles provide opportunities to use many of the skills gained in employment.
    E.g., Tutor at CMI Agency (volunteer)
    and then a description of the job.
    It’s important to fill that employment gap and valuable for those who wish to highlight what they have been doing since employment finished. Even a couple of hours a week volunteering is valuable.

    Hi Joyce,

    That works too…although I prefer to see paid employment or consulting…that’s not always possible.

    Thank you,


  2. John Corley

    Thanks for your advice Donna! I’m back to All Star status as well!

    I love it John! Thank you for sharing.


  3. mia mazza

    I noticed today that my friend, let’s call her Jane Smith, has updated her profile to show her current company as “Smith Household,” and her title as “CEO.” She didn’t list details regarding job responsibilities and accomplishments, but I could see doing a lot with this concept, even for unemployeds who aren’t currently raising families.


    I agree. Work is hardly the only scenario where we play a role and deploy our life skills. Home, volunteer work, hobbies, etc. all give us the opportunity to develop and demonstrate skills we need to be successful in our work lives.

    Thank you,


  4. Donna Svei

    Fun feedback:

    Via email: After my update, I noticed also that my status went from “Expert” back to “All-Star,” immediately. Not sure what that brings you, but it does appear better. 🙂

    Via Twitter: Keith Dotson ‏@kad75043, I tried it and it did boost my ranking.

  5. Donna Svei

    Great question from Viveka von Rosen’s LinkedIn Experts Community on Google+ (

    From: Dorte Møller Madsen

    Thank you – what do you then advise your clients to do – if they “Don”t want to invent a job?”

    Hi Dorte,

    I hesitated to add this, and didn’t because it’s not my favorite solution (here’s why: Should You Put “Looking” in Your LinkedIn Profile’s Headline?, but…

    They can make Company = Seeking my next opportunity and Title = [Their most important key word]. Then they check the “I currently work here box.”

    Thank you for asking :),


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