Career Myth: “Don’t Put Your Resume in Your LinkedIn Profile”

If you’re an active or passive job seeker, your LinkedIn profile should contain your resume.


  1. Because recruiters search LinkedIn for candidates.
  2. Because recruiters don’t want to be intrigued by snippets of information about you. They want to see your gosh darn resume. (Yes, I edited that last sentence to make it SFW.)
  3. Because your only exposure to a particular recruiter might be the one time s/he looks at your LinkedIn profile.
  4. Because, circa late 2013, your incomplete LinkedIn profile, and by that I mean a profile lacking your resume and contact information, shows that you’re either (a) not keeping up with current business practices or (b) not interested in a job change – which is highly unlikely given the statistics on how many people want a new job.

Really, recruiters don’t want to be “intrigued?”

Check out these comments from recruiters here:

“If I don’t absolutely have to spend time dealing with something as a recruiter, I’m really grateful.”

Like jumping through hoops to see your resume…

“As a recruiter, if I come across someone who is either a) suitable for a role or b) can assist in a search, I will contact them.”

It’s easier for a recruiter to know if you’re suitable for a role when you provide your resume. A lot easier. If they don’t know, the likelihood they will contact you drops significantly…

Just Do It

Unless posting your resume in your LinkedIn profile will harm your career, Just. Do. It. Recruiters are some of the most time constrained people around. Give them one stop shopping by putting your resume in your LinkedIn profile. Make it easy, not multi-step complicated, for them to discern if you’re suitable for one of their searches!


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