Use LinkedIn Mobile to View Your Connections’ Activity Feeds

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by Donna Svei on February 5, 2014

Breaking 5/31/14: LinkedIn restores ability to view activity feeds from main site. More here.

Earlier today I shared Nick Lagos’ great post on LinkedIn’s social decline, LinkedIn: Maintaining Relevance or Downward Slide?, on Viveka von Rosen’s LinkedIn Experts Community on Google+.

In particular, I commented on the death of the profile activity feed:

This matters because the feed makes it easy to track what your connections post on LinkedIn. You might track someone because you:

  1. Love their posts.
  2. Want to see what interests them.
  3. Want to develop a relationship by liking, sharing, or commenting on their posts.
  4. Etc.

LinkedIn threw the desktop activity feed under the bus last December. However, it’s still there on mobile. Eugenie Sills clued me into this with a comment on my Google+ post. Maybe that’s why it’s called the LinkedIn Experts Community. :)

I loaded LI’s mobile app onto my new-ish phone (clears throat) and checked it out. I searched for Susan Joyce, because she always has good career stuff. Yep, there she was, along with her activity feed! Then I searched for Phyllis Mufson, because she always has good career stuff too. Yes again. Then I invited Eugenie Sills to connect with me. Duh.

If you really want to see your connections’ activity feeds:

  1. Load LinkedIn’s mobile app on your phone.
  2. Search for a connection.
  3. Load their profile.
  4. Look right below their main profile box for “Recent Activity” and click on it.
  5. Voila, there’s their feed! (If your connection makes it available in their settings.)

We won’t even go into the irony of learning about LinkedIn from LinkedIn experts in a Google+ community. We just won’t. But I will tell you that Viveka is a terrific LinkedIn resource. You can find her LinkedIn Experts Community here.

BTW, don’t skip the comments. There’s a second awesome hack for accessing activity feeds via many desktops and laptops!


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