10 Super Smart Ways to Show Your Communications Skills to Employers

 Whether you’re writing a resume or cover letter, or participating in an interview, the topic of communications skills almost always comes up.

Telling — Bad

What does it mean when you say you have “excellent communication skills?” Not much. It’s a squishy term — an oversimplification — that doesn’t convey any specifics about what you offer to employers.

Showing — Good

Is there a better way? Yes! First, figure out the specific communications skills the job demands.

Then use your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, phone calls, emails, texts, interviews, references, blog, etc. to show you have those skills.

10 Communications Skills

Consider these ten specific skills, along with the best places to show them off, for starters:

1. Listening skills
(phone calls, interviews)



2. Ability to ask clarifying questions (phone calls, interviews)



3. Ability to write reports (resume)



4. Ability to explain complex concepts in simple terms (all platforms)



5. Ability to keep an audience’s attention (brief video on LinkedIn/blog, references)



6. Ability to provide clear instructions (references, blog)



7. Ability to read a room (interviews, references)



8. Ability to write clearly and concisely (all writing platforms)



9. Ability to write letters (cover letter, emails)



10. Presentation skills (LinkedIn, blog, interviews, references)


Be Specific About Communications Skills

BTW, if you’re a recruiter or hiring manager, when you write position descriptions, drop the generic “communications skills” term and drill down to specifics. You’ll conduct better candidate assessments and make better hires.

What Did I Miss?

As you can see, your communications skills on are on display throughout your job search. It’s good to be aware of this.
If you can think of other specific, important communication skills, please share them in the Comments below.
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Updated June 2017

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