Print Your LinkedIn Profile to PDF Before You Change It

Have you ever wished you could remember the words you used in an old version of your LI profile? Like when you realize an earlier iteration described your accomplishments better? Or had better SEO?

When you print your LinkedIn profile to a PDF before you change it, you don’t have to remember anything. 

The Client Email That Makes Me Suggest You Print Your LinkedIn Profile

I ask this question because of this email (more or less) that I received from one of my clients last night:



This client is a consultant who has been evolving his business model and tweaking his LinkedIn profile to reflect the changes — but not printing or saving each version of his profile along the way.

How To: Print Your LinkedIn Profile

It couldn’t be easier to print your LinkedIn Profile. As shown below:

    1. Click “View profile as.”
    2. Click “Save to PDF.”



How to Name Your PDF Files

LinkedIn then downloads you a PDF in a nanosecond. The filename is your LinkedIn name. I like to rename my files like this:

LinkedIn Profile 06.17.15

This name makes the files simple to find and lets me search for old versions by approximate date.

I’d love to hear how you name your files, or how you would label them if you saved a copy of each profile before making changes.

Why Print Your LinkedIn Profile?

If you print a copy of each version of your LinkedIn profile to PDF, then you never have to reinvent the wheel if you want to restore all or part of an earlier version.

Our careers shift. Sometimes we head in old directions. When we do, it’s good to be able to go right to an old file. Make saving your current profile the first step you take on every update.

Beyond that, each version of your profile documents your career. They’re history. Some day your kids or your biographer might find them priceless.

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Updated October 2016

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  1. Thanks for all of this great information! Definitely something to keep tabs on and share with undergraduate professionals that are actively editing and looking after their profiles online!

  2. For ease of sorting, I’ve been naming files for years now by keeping the same root name and adding the date in a yyyymmdd format. That keeps all versions of the file together and in an easy to see timeline.

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