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No-Brainer Phone Networking: 24 Scripts

Do you get tongue twisted or terrified when it’s time to call your career network about your job search?

If you do, one of my clients has found a terrific, free guide called How to Have a Great Networking Conversation on the Phone. Written by executive search consultant, Katherine Moody, the downloadable .pdf provides 24 scripts that cover the following situations:

Conversation Openers

First, you can look at these scripts that will help you start calls.

  1. Sample of a typical opening conversation.
  2. They don’t remember you.
  3. They sound reluctant to talk.
  4. You didn’t stay in touch.
  5. They sound busy.

Specific Requests of Your Career Network

Then, these scripts will help you make requests to:

  1. Meet specific people — you don’t have a name.
  2. Meet specific people — you do have a name.
  3. Spend some time talking.
  4. Learn about an opening at the company.
  5. Learn about the company.

Talking to Different People

Your network likely contains different types of people. These scripts will help you with just about everyone.

  1. Salespeople at your target companies (they love to talk about their companies!).
  2. Previous employees of your target companies.
  3. Hiring managers (slightly gutsy version).
  4. Hiring managers (slightly softer version).
  5. Receptionists.
  6. Executive assistants.
  7. Recruiters.
  8. Employees (peers) of your target companies.
  9. Present or past colleagues.
  10. Writers, speakers, thought leaders.
  11. Friends, family, neighbors, etc.
  12. Ending the conversation.
  13. Follow up — you talked to the person they suggested.
  14. Follow up — the person they suggested never got back to you.

Scripts Make Networking Calls Easy

Ask anyone who has ever worked a phone, having a script makes calling people you know and strangers about 1000% easier than winging it.

Get the Download

Get the guide here. Use it. It will make your job search easier and more effective. What a gift, huh?

Still Reluctant?

Check out this networking post to learn how you can get 10X better results in your job search.

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Updated April 2019

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  1. I’m a big fan of scripts and templates. They can make life so much easier!

    Indeed! I wouldn’t hit the phone without them. Thank you Barbra. Donna

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