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2021 Job Interview Preparation with Glassdoor & Reddit

You just scheduled an interview with a company where you want to work. Congratulations! Now it’s time for interview preparation. 

I recommend using Glassdoor and Reddit to:

  1. Get a feel for what people say about the company.
  2. Learn about its interview methods.
Check Out the Company’s Glassdoor Rating

First, head to Glassdoor.


Because research conducted by employee engagement firm, Culture Amp, found that high Glassdoor ratings correlate with high employee engagement.

And predictably, low scores correlate with low engagement.

Thus, Glassdoor can give you an initial idea of whether or not you would enjoy working for the company.

If you think you wouldn’t accept an offer, you might skip the interview preparation and only do the call or meeting out of curiosity or for practice.

Glassdoor Interview Reports

But, if the company’s Glassdoor ratings look good, you can dig in and read what people have written about interviewing there.

To see what you can find:

  1. Go to Glassdoor Interview Questions.
  2. Then, enter the company’s name.
  3. Then, unless the company is huge, read all the results for all the jobs.
  4. You will have to join (free) to read more than 10 results, but it’s worth it.

I just learned a lot about an upcoming interview for one of my clients.

He should expect:

  1. One-on-one and panel meetings
  2. Behavioral-based interview questions (positive and negative examples)
  3. Case study exercises
  4. Hypothetical questions
  5. Questions about the state-of-the-art in his area of technical expertise
  6. Questions about his team-building and collaboration skills
  7. To be asked what he knows about the company
  8. Conservative dress
  9. “Yes” or “no” feedback within one month
  10. A drug test if he’s offered the job

As you can see, Glassdoor can be an interview prep goldmine.


However, as Glassdoor has gotten more popular, companies have started evaluating their managers on how good they look on Glassdoor. That has led to some gaming of reports and rankings.

So, in addition to Glassdoor, I like to look at Reddit. Although the site is generally a circle of Hell I avoid, it can yield priceless information about companies and their interview methods.

I think of Reddit as the “unvarnished truth + disgruntled dudes” site for interview preparation. It can be illuminating to go past Glassdoor to Reddit.

To check a company out on Reddit, do this:

  1. Type its name into Reddit’s search box and hit return.
  2. After you read those results, type “[company name] AND [interview questions]” into Reddit’s search box and hit return.

If you get hits, settle in for some interesting reading.


Given that you invest your most valuable asset, your time, in your employer, it’s well worth it to do this type of due diligence.

It will help you go into your next situation with your eyes wide open.

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Updated January 2021

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  1. Great reference. I’ve heard of Glass Door but never used it before. Taking a quick look, it seems like a really valuable resource.

  2. Good advice for those in a job search. Wasn’t familiar with glassdoor, another good reference!

    Thank you Al. Donna

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