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How to Customize Your LinkedIn Profile’s URL [VIDEO]

How ugly is your standard issue LinkedIn profile URL?

Pretty bad. Mine used to look like this:

Try putting that on a resume or a business card.

Beyond that, the long form URL dates you as badly as putting an email address on your resume.

How to Set up a Personal (aka Vanity) LinkedIn Profile URL

Happily, LinkedIn lets you set up a personal URL for your profile. This is also known as a vanity URL.

Mine looks like this:

Much nicer, huh?

What If You Have a Common Name?

I have the good fortune of being the only Donna Svei on the planet. However, that’s not the case for a resume client I worked with this week.

I asked him to get a personal URL for his resume. He has a common first name and a wildly common last name.

As I update this post in September 2020, there are 8,200 Ken Lee profiles on LinkedIn.

Brand Yourself with Your LinkedIn Profile URL

So, I asked him to do something to distinguish himself from all the other Ken Lees on LinkedIn (not my client’s name, but you get the point). I specifically asked him not to put a number after his name. KenLee8200 would make him sound a little late to the party.

Instead, I asked him to add a branding statement. Like this:

Now that you get the idea of personalizing your URL, I want to give you video and written instructions on how to do it (it’s simple).

If you like video, watch this:

View all my “how to” videos on my Donna Svei YouTube Channel.

If you prefer reading instructions, click for the LinkedIn Help narrative.

Regardless of your preference, this is a one-minute investment of your time. And it significantly upgrades your professional image on LinkedIn, business cards, and your resume.

Let’s Connect on LinkedIn

Please don’t hesitate to invite me to connect on LinkedIn here: Donna Svei, Executive Resume Writer. The more I know about my readers, the better I can make my blog.

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Updated September 2020

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  1. Hi Donna,

    Good advice. I must have timed it right years ago securing my linkedin url as there are now 229 Brent Peterson’s in LinkedIn! I wasn’t so lucky on twitter or even the website url with my name :). Do you recommend putting the whole LinkedIn url on a business card? I currently do, but was looking to shorten all social media addresses (e.g. @standandinspire, +BrentPeterson,)… but couldn’t come up with something good for LinkedIn. Thoughts?

    Hi Brent, It’s always so nice to hear from you. On your question, it depends, do you want to brand Brent Peterson or do you want to brand Stand and Inspire? I would go with what you want to brand. Donna

  2. Thanks for sharing this information, Donna. It will be helpful for many who didn’t know how or were hesitant to “click” the edit-prompt to modify their LinkedIn-issued URL.

    You’re welcome. Thank you for commenting Dean. Donna

  3. Thanks for your information Donna.

    My pleasure Roopa. Thank you for reading AvidCareerist. Donna

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