What do you know about our company?

“What Do You Know About Our Company?” How to Ace this Popular Interview Question.

“Tell me, what do you know about our company?” If you can answer that interview question, you will set yourself apart from most other candidates.

It’s one of my favorites. It helps me understand how a person prepares, or doesn’t prepare, to meet new people and new challenges. Are they proactive or reactive?

Are You a Curious Person?

The question also gives me insight into whether or not my candidate is a curious person. I value curiosity because it’s a critical element of both learning and adaptability.

Since change is the not-so-new normal, the abilities to learn and adapt are almost always critically important in the positions I fill.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Here’s the kicker. Hardly anyone can answer the question — not even people interviewing for six-figure jobs. Most candidates don’t prepare for interviews by learning about the company.

I always want to ask, “So, you want to work for a company you know nothing about?” But I don’t. It might damage our rapport. Good interviewers establish rapport with candidates. Maybe I will ask in the last interview I do before I retire.

Although my list of things I want to do in that interview is already pretty long…

All the slackers open an opportunity for you to establish yourself as a proactive, go-getter by learning a little about the company before your interview.

Five Ways to Research Companies

Do this:

1. Review the company’s website, including reading the “News” section.

2. If the company is public, skim the most recent annual report/10-K for interesting information.

3. Google the News about them.

4. Check them out on YouTube.

5. Talk with people you know who work there or in the same industry.

Take note of what makes you curious about the business. Then, when your interviewers ask you if you have any questions, you’ll sound like a rocket surgeon! Well, you know what I mean.

Company research is low hanging fruit. Pick it.

Hire Help

If you’re too busy to try to stand out in your interview, then why are you going go to Upwork and hire a researcher.

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  1. So true! I have a recruiter friend that says the same thing…and her example was for a high-paying position as well! Insane!

  2. I was just talking about this today with a friend. As Recruiters, we are or should be preparing our candidates for a successful interview. Please take our advice and your interview will be successful!

  3. Thank you Eric. I always thought this was Job Search 101, but that’s not the case so it presents a real opportunity for people who do it.


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