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The Best Headshot Tip Ever

Every professional needs a business headshot that conveys their branding.

If you’re an art director, you want to look creative. If you’re a CPA, you want to look trustworthy. And, of course, we all want our headshots to make us look handsome or gorgeous — or both.

If you’re asking yourself, “What’s a business headshot?” it’s a picture of you, usually from the shoulders up.

Your Business Headshot & Your Jawline

Photographer Peter Hurley knows what makes a good business headshot, whether you’re 25 or 65. He says it’s all about the jawline.

Peter is a wizard who makes double chins and years disappear. That’s fascinating. It also matters for your business headshot, where perceived weight and age influence viewers’ impressions of you.

Peter explains his technique in the 15-minute video below. Yeah, I know, no one watches a YouTube that long. But this is a Secret of the Universe. I watched it. All of it.

I was also thrilled to see I still have a 15-minute attention span. OK, I bailed when he got to the shameless self-promotion part – but almost 15 minutes.

The video gets good at 4:49. So unload the dishwasher from 0:00 to 4:48 or reply to some emails. Whatever works. Then grab your favorite beverage, find a comfy chair, and settle in for 10 minutes of good edutainment.

When you’re done, you’ll understand how to pose for a business headshot or any photo that involves your face. Use the tip, and you’ll be thrilled to upload your headshot to LinkedIn and any other social media profile.

Also, check the photo at the top of this post. You’ll see the model knows Peter’s trick.

BTW, you can learn more about hiring a photographer trained by Peter here (not an affiliate).

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Updated March 2024

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Comments 4

  1. Definitely worth watching the video – quite an amazing difference! Thanks for sharing Donna.

    Truly! Thank you Michelle. Donna

  2. The problem is you still have to go to interviews, when they look at you and say “Wow, she doesn’t look anything like her profile photo!”…??? This is why older women in job search like me are looking for ways to improve our jaw lines non-surgically. Don’t have time for recovery with plastic surgery…

    Yeah…it’s important to be recognizable…but you can still have a headshot with a jawline! Thank you Jeannie. Donna

  3. This was one of the best tips I’ve seen, I can’t wait to redo my head shot. Thank you! And I’m enjoying your blog, and your succinct, practical advice.

    Thank you Connie. I have a lot of fun with my blog. I’m glad you enjoy it! Donna

  4. I love this guy. Very much the Newyawker (SHEBAM!), but knows his stuff. After you master the jaw line, go to his website,, and learn about the squinch.

    When I played in an orchestra in Shreveport, LA, we played a benefit concert with the then reigning Miss America. I ended up volunteering to take her picture with various musician friends and patrons. I noticed that every time I got ready to take a photo, she would bring her head forward noticeably. Now, after watching the video, I know why! If even beauty contestants do it, think how it will help your photography.

    Donna, you can start another photography blog with these tips. Let me know when you do, I’ll sign up!


    Haha. Thank you for your (always) kind comments Andy. Donna

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