How to Use LinkedIn Groups to Help Recruiters Find You

Many recruiters belong to the Network group on LinkedIn.

While it’s best to be a first-level connection with your target recruiters, joining the groups they belong to is also a good strategy for making yourself findable. 

Recruiters tend to join groups about recruiting and groups where the types of people they recruit hang out. If you want them to find you, you need to join those groups too.

Aren’t LinkedIn Groups a Lot of Work?

Note that I said join. I didn’t say anything about being active in the group. Being active will make you more noticeable, but it’s not a requirement to be findable. We’re talking findable in this post.

The Group Has Almost 900,000 Members

At a minimum, join the largest recruiters’ group on LinkedIn, The Network. They welcome job seekers who want to network with recruiters.

Once you have joined, you will want to adjust your settings.

  1. Go to the Group’s homepage.
  2. Click the horizontal dots on the upper-right corner of the page.
  3. Click the gear icon.
  4. Click Member Settings.
  5. Make your choices.

Be sure to click “Yes” on the button that says, “Choose whether group members in your extended network can message you.” This will enable recruiters who have found you to send you messages about the career opportunities of your dreams.

That’s it, my laziest lowest effort approach to helping recruiters find you on LinkedIn.

A More Proactive Next Step

OK, we covered a lot of recruiters just by joining The Network. But what about those recruiters who specialize in people just like you? Which groups do they belong to?

Think about your top keywords, the ones you especially want to be recognized for in your profile’s Skills & Expertise section.

  1. Type your most important keyword into the LinkedIn search box.
  2. Hit Search.
  3. Click More.
  4. Click Groups.

That will generate a list of groups related to your keyword. To be most findable, join the biggest groups. 

Bird Dogging It

Remember my infographic, How to Find Recruiters on LinkedIn? If you have found targeted recruiters, you can look at the Interests section at the bottoms of their profiles, see which groups they belong to, and join some of those groups yourself.


If you’re on LinkedIn, and you want a new job, it makes sense to make yourself as findable as possible. Start by joining the Network group.

It’s low-hanging fruit. Pick it!

Let’s Connect on LinkedIn

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Updated January 2019

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  1. Thank you for a most informative article. I wish I had known about this 10 months ago!
    Please keep up the good work.


    Thank you Michael. Donna

  2. Amazing article, the most useful I’ve seen on the subject. Thank you Donna so much!

    Thank you Larissa! Donna

  3. Hi Donna,

    Thank you for a very informative article. When I attempted to join The Recruiter Network, I got this message: “We’re sorry…You’ve reached or exceeded the maximum number of confirmed and pending groups”. So does this mean I need to leave at least one group in order to join The Recruiter Network?


    Hi Nabil,

    Thank you. Yes, it’s sounds as though you’ve reached the 50 group maximum.


  4. Excellent instructional article – I’ve shared for those I service for career transitions for the great tips you provide. LinkedIn really is the on-line place for candidates to be found, learn about companies and show your value.

  5. Thanks Donna for sharing such a insightful article. It is really important for the candidates to make their LinkedIn profile in such a way that recruiters or the employers could easily find them because these days LinkedIn is a very useful site for the job searchers.

  6. Really interesting I will share this approach with our Undergrad students it is a great way for them to start building a network

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