how to connect with recruiters on linkedin

How to Connect with Recruiters on LinkedIn

Earlier this week, one of my resume clients asked me, “Should I connect with recruiters on LinkedIn?”

I said, “Absolutely!”

How to Connect with Recruiters on LinkedIn — the Warm-Up

But first, the warm-up.

Before you start reaching out:

  1. Optimize your profile to attract recruiters.
  2. Follow the recruiter’s company on LinkedIn.
How to Find Recruiters

If you’re thinking, “OK, that’s done, but how do I find recruiters?” read this post. It explains everything you need to know about finding recruiters.

How to Connect with Recruiters — 2 Approaches

Then, when you’re ready, you can take one of 2 approaches to connect with recruiters:

  1. Cautious
  2. Bold

I outline how to do both below.

How to Connect with Recruiters on LinkedIn — Cautious

If you’re feeling cautious, InMail the recruiter with the following message:

Hi Donna,

I understand you conduct national searches for CFOs. I’m a CFO, and I would like to connect with you here on LinkedIn.

With your permission, I will send you an invitation to connect.

If that works, would you please let me know via your reply to this message?

Thank you,

Melanie Ramirez

When I get a message like that, I answer, “Happy to connect,” and then accept the invitation when it comes through.

How to Connect with Recruiters on LinkedIn — Bold

If you want a 1-step, slightly bolder option, use this:

Hi Donna,

I understand you conduct national searches for CFOs. I’m a CFO and thus would like to connect with you on LinkedIn.

Thanks in advance,

Melanie Ramirez

Send your invitation via the Connect button on the recruiter’s profile:

  1. Press “Connect.”
  2. If you don’t see a “Connect” button, click the “More” button under the recruiter’s profile photo.
  3. Press “Connect.”
  4. Press “Add a note.”
  5. Add your note and send your invitation.

When I recruited, I also accepted those invitations.


Now, here’s a pro tip:

Check the recruiter’s profile for signs of life:

  1. Are they a Premium member with a gold “In” badge to the right of their name?
  2. Does their profile show any recent activity?

If not, they might have researchers or sourcers who find candidates for them. If that’s the case, try to find and also connect with those people.

Stay Out of Jail 

When you’re speed-growing your network, you have to be careful to avoid LinkedIn jail.

After I invite someone I don’t know, I give them 30 days to respond, and then I withdraw my invitation.

I keep about 40 outstanding invitations on my account. I’ve never had a problem with LinkedIn freezing it for spamming potential connections.

I don’t know the upper limit on outstanding invitations or how many you can send in 24 hours.

You can test the limits once if you want. If you get frozen, LinkedIn will probably restore your account. I’ve never wanted to go there. I know people who have had their accounts frozen, and none of them enjoyed the experience.

What About Unconnecting?

As you grow your network, you might get a few people who make you uncomfortable. This post tells you how to unfollow, unfriend, and block people on LinkedIn.

Let’s Connect on LinkedIn

Please invite me to connect on LinkedIn here: Donna Svei, Executive Resume Writer. The more I know about my readers, the better I can make my blog.

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Updated April 2024

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