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Find the Hiring Manager with This Free Tool

Get ready to smile because there is a free tool that helps job seekers xray search multiple sites to find hiring managers’ names. It works on LinkedIn, Google Plus, GitHub, Xing, Stack Overflow, and Twitter. 

Just like recruiters do. Without having to learn Boolean search. C’est impossible, you say! Totally possible, I say! 

The Xray Search Tool

The tool is called RecruitEm. It was designed by a recruiter for recruiters, but who cares? You fill in a few search boxes. RecruitEm does the work of building a Boolean search string for you.

It was developed by the highly caffeinated team at Clever Biscuit in London. I say we all send them Starbucks gift cards (not an affiliate) and wait to see what else they come up with to make our lives easier.

How to Use RecruitEm

So, how do you use this nifty thang to find your hiring manager?

  1. Go to RecruitEm.
  2. Click the LinkedIn tab.
  3. Put the name of your target company in the Keywords box.
  4. Click, “Find your people on LinkedIn.”
  5. Click, “Open in Google.”

Voila, you (and RecruitEm) have just created a Google Boolean search that will:

  1. Find public LinkedIn profiles that contain your target company’s name.
  2. Return out-of-network connections.
  3. Return more than the 100 free results LinkedIn coughs up.

Check out the screenshot:

You see red arrows where I:

  1. Clicked the LinkedIn tab.
  2. Used The Boston Consulting Group as the target company name.
  3. Clicked “Find your people on LinkedIn.”
  4. Point to the Boolean search string RecruitEm generated.
  5. Point to where to click “Open in Google” to get your results.

If you get too many results, tighten your search up with job titles, department names, etc. It’s easy. After you click “Open in Google,” then:

  1. Put parentheses around the search string that RecruitEm generated.
  2. Add your limiter(s). I’ve used “accounting” and classic hiring manager job titles (just a sampling, not an exhaustive list, definitely add “manager” if you use this) in the screenshot example below just to show you how adding a limiter would look.
  3. Connect your limiter with the original search using the AND operator.
  4. Click the search icon.

BTW, I know RecruitEm has a job title dialog box. I found I got better results by adding this information to the front of the xray search string that RecruitEm generated.


You can also use RecruitEm to find recruiters on LinkedIn and other sites.

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Updated September 2020

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Comments 3

  1. Hello Donna,

    This is really cool.
    Still the results are a mix of current and former HR managers?
    Or did I not understand well?

    How to drill down to results with only current HR managers?

    I would love to hear from you :)

    Floris ten Kate

    Hi Floris,

    Great question! I would play around with the syntax of the Google search to see if I could get it to incorporate the “Company/Current” box that you would check on an advanced LinkedIn search. Alternatively, and perhaps much easier, I would contact RecruitEm and ask them for help or suggest an enhancement to the tool. Try @Maebellyne on Twitter. I think she’s the genius behind this little gem.

    Kind regards,


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