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How to Add Awards on LinkedIn — Photo & Video Style

OK, so maybe you haven’t won an Oscar (yet), but it’s still good to know how to add awards and honors on LinkedIn. I counsel my clients to use pictures and videos for this purpose. 

The Why of Adding Award Pictures & Videos

Why pictures and videos? Because they serve several purposes on your LinkedIn profile.


  1. Provide visual relief from all those words.
  2. Add color.
  3. Amplify your narrative story.
  4. Provide quick proof of some of your accomplishments.
  5. Give viewers a sense of your personality.

Look at your profile. Could it benefit from imagery beyond your profile picture and background cover? If yes, then read on.

Types of Awards to Feature on LinkedIn

To operationalize this, you might:

  1. Upload a photo of yourself or your team receiving an award.
  2. Share a video of yourself presenting at an industry conference.
  3. Add a flattering photo of you holding your award.
  4. Upload a shot of your staff giving you a “World’s Best Boss” mug.

You get the idea.

BTW, that video? Also great social media content! Share it on Facebook too.

How To Add Awards & Honors on LinkedIn — Pictures

Here’s a quick video that shows you how to upload rich media, like pictures, to your profile.

In this 2019 video, LinkedIn Trainer Teddy Burriss uploads a file, which is exactly what you will be doing. Watch him, then go for it.

While LinkedIn’s “Honors & Awards” section is a little dry, this lets you bring your honors to life. So go ahead, freshen up your LinkedIn profile with some new rich media!

How to Add Honors & Awards on Linked — Video

In 2017, LinkedIn introduced a native video feature. It lets you upload videos directly to LinkedIn.

So, never receive an award or make a presentation again without someone capturing it on video! Ask a friend for less formal events. Talk with the organizer for more formal events — they often take videos.

Now, check out Virtual Assistant Erin Booth’s convincing 2019 pitch for LinkedIn native video (it’s worth knowing) and then she’ll show you how to do the upload.


Finally, be sure to caption your rich media uploads so people know what they’re looking at.


  1. Top Sales Region, EMEA.
  2. Presenting at Dreamforce.
  3. World’s Best Team!

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Updated August 2019

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  1. Hi Donna,

    I have a flattering photo of me with an award, but it has other people in it. Would I need their written permission before I posted it on my Likendin profile?

    That’s a good question, Sabrina. It certainly doesn’t stop people on any other social media site. However, for a real answer, I would defer to your legal counsel.


  2. I have a certificate uploaded to google drive. But, i’m not able to provide a link from my honors & Awards section

  3. Hi Janani,

    See if you can take a screenshot of it. Then upload the screenshot to LI.


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