How to Enable LinkedIn Skills Endorsements

LinkedIn loves its Skills & Endorsements, yet few members share their passion. Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn’s CEO, wants to build a global economic graph that shows where skills cluster globally. 

Meanwhile, Google is building an AI system, Google Jobs, to help job seekers find demand (i.e., job postings) for their skills.

Why Your Skills Matter

Given that both LinkedIn/Microsoft and Google, two of the world’s five most valuable companies, care about our skills, it’s time that we do too. Not convinced? Look at the work described here that LinkedIn is doing with the World Economic Forum.

You know how when you want to change careers you have to identify your transferable skills? And it’s a bit of an uphill climb?

Google and LinkedIn plan to make that easier for all of us. They’re in the process of building a global, skills-driven job market — and, in the process, diffusing a huge amount of friction.

Skills REALLY Matter

Most important, listing skills impact your profile’s SEO. When a recruiter searches for a particular skill, LinkedIn is more likely to display your profile if you list that skill and have an above-average number of endorsements for it.

Now Do You Care About Your Skills & Endorsements?

I hope so, because those who claim skills and provide third-party validation for them (aka endorsements) will have a competitive advantage in a skills-driven job market.

Grouse all you want about the inaccuracy and manipulation of skills endorsements on LinkedIn. Some information is better than no information.

How to Get Going on Endorsements

    1. Go to Your LinkedIn profile.
    2. Go to Featured Skills & Endorsements.
    3. Click the edit pencil.
    4. Go to the lower-left corner and click “Adjust endorsement settings.”
    5. Click “I want to be endorsed,” “Include me in endorsement suggestions to my connections,” and “Show me suggestions to endorse my connections.”
    6. Then, when people endorse you, thank them. They’re building your future career.
    7. One last thing, if you don’t want to get pop-ups that ask you to endorse people, then unclick the third box below.

Steps 5 looks like this:

LinkedIn Endorsements


You can also watch a quick “how to” video here:

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  1. Donna, this is fantastic–I just did this myself and I’m looking forward to not seeing the box again!

  2. Thanks Donna. Love how you picked it up when you saw my screenshot when I didn’t have time to blog. And quite honoured actually to be featured like this on your blog. They’ve made two changes (improvements in my opinion) the the skills & endorsements section. Wonder if they got anything else up their sleeve?

  3. Hey guys- (Ed, Petra…virtual head nod:) )

    Please be aware that while you can remove the box from displaying on your profile, it does not stop people from endorsing you. It’s just ‘hidden’. Petra, maybe this is the next step they will take!

  4. True Victoria. They just have to do it from your profile where they can see the skills you WANT to be endorsed for. It will definitely slow down new endorsements, so it’s not for everyone, but it’s wonderful to have the option. Thank you for clarifying.


  5. I know Ed! While I appreciate people’s affirmations, I want my profile, including Skills & Endorsements, to reflect what I really do. I thought you would be happy about this. And that box, that pesky box, I’m so glad it’s gone! Have a great week.


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