The Four Best Social Media Shares, According to LinkedIn Research

Good news! LinkedIn just completed a study of what professionals around the world like to read about and share on social media. 

What We Like

While the results varied a bit by country, the order was the same. This graphic from LinkedIn features the results for the United States:

The study found that we click on:

  1. New research.
  2. Industry news.
  3. Career advice (yes!).
  4. Case studies.

In addition to the four topics noted above, the study found many people like a concise story produced by business leaders. Ideally, these are writers who follow the maxim, “write what you know” and who give advice, not opinions.

What We Share

As you can see from the graphic, we share new research, industry news, and case studies about as much as we like to read on those topics.

Sadly, we don’t share career advice nearly as much as we like to read about it. Let’s change that. You can start by sharing this post!

The Benefits of Consuming and Sharing Content

Consuming content helps you enhance your professional skills and knowledge.

Sharing quality content, on topics that interest other professionals, helps you:

  1. Increase your visibility.
  2. Start conversations.
  3. Grow your network.
  4. Build your reputation.

What’s Missing? Humor, That’s What!

I’m surprised the study didn’t mention humor. Many job descriptions list a sense of humor as a requirement. When you stick with inoffensive posts, social media is a great place to showcase your fun side.

Beyond that, you’ll increase your visibility because people LOVE to share posts that make them smile or LOL.

Safe Sharing

If you’ve been nervous about social media sharing, this study gives you safe, statistically supported guidelines for taking the plunge.

Two caveats:

  1. Don’t spend excessive time on social media (see why here).
  2. Don’t be a troll.

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Let’s Connect on LinkedIn

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Updated January 2019

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  1. Much obliged for the hat tip, Donna! I love the way you summarize all of it as well: logic & purpose arising from disparate data is a beautiful thing to see.

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