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Interview Thank-You Winner

The interview thank-you stumps many people.

Thus, when one of my clients sent me a fantastic draft for feedback, I asked her if I could share it as a sample with my readers. She agreed.

I’ve included a redacted copy below.

The Sample Interview Thank-You

Hi [Name],

I’m so grateful for your generosity this morning in spending time speaking with me and sharing your insights about the new position on your team.

Near the end of our talk, I mentioned my excitement about having a chance to help create systems and processes that will allow [Company] to better manage [the challenge] and seize opportunities.

I hope I also conveyed to everyone on the team my eagerness to receive your mentorship on [Company’s] culture and how to succeed as the [Position Title].

There’s nothing I’d rather do with this next chapter of my career than serve one company in such depth that I become woven into its fabric. It’s plain to see you are on that path and enjoying it very much.

Meeting you and hearing your story affirmed my decision to make this jump.

Whatever happens, let’s please keep in touch!

Thank you,


P.S. See attached photos of dogs.


I shared this as a sample interview thank-you for several reasons:

1. It screamed self-motivation and commitment. My client used high-energy words and offered an image of herself woven into the company’s very fabric.

2. My client and the hiring manager had a rapport. She built on this by inviting the manager to be in touch regardless of her decision.

3. My client reminded the hiring manager of their shared love for dogs. Research has found shared interests matter in hiring decisions.

4. The combination of competence, motivation, and relationship building that my client showed throughout the hiring process resulted in a job offer!

As you can see, if you set the stage by demonstrating your professional and personal fit for the job, and building rapport during your interviews, then writing a thank-you email can be crazy easy.

Is it OK to Send an Interview Thank-You via Email?

BTW, if you’re wondering if it’s OK to say thank you by email, a recent Robert Half survey found that it’s the preferred way to do it!

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