Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It?

Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It?

“What is LinkedIn Premium, and is LinkedIn Premium worth it?” Have you ever asked yourself those questions?

Getting right to it, I recommend active and passive job seekers choose LinkedIn Premium Career or another Premium account. Yep, I said, “Premium.”

Here’s why:

#1 Best Reason to Pay for LinkedIn Premium — Featured Applicant

As a Premium Career subscriber, you can apply to jobs as a Featured Applicant. Your application will appear above applications from non-Premium members in recruiters’ inboxes, increasing your chances of being viewed.

That’s a significant advantage.

#2 Best Reason — Open LinkedIn Profile 

You can elect to make your profile “Open,” which means any LinkedIn member can view your profile and InMail you at no cost. Thus, an open profile makes it easier for recruiters to find and contact you. More here.

To make your profile open:

  1. Go to your Summary.
  2. Click the edit pencil.
  3. Click the gold “In” symbol.
  4. Toggle the Open Profile button.

Also, consider displaying the Premium Profile Badge. It lets people who view your profile know you’re active on LinkedIn.

They’re more likely to invest time in reaching out to you if they think you will see their message.

LinkedIn Premium Benefits

#3 Best Reason — Interview Coaching

This was a new feature in 2019. Premium members who apply for jobs through LinkedIn have access to:

  1. Sample interview questions
  2. Recommended answers
  3. A video that captures them answering questions
  4. The ability to share video clips with others for coaching
#4 Best Reason — LinkedIn Learning

Premium members get access to all LinkedIn Learning courses.

#5 Best Reason — Who Viewed Your Profile

With a Premium account, you get to see who viewed your profile, unless they were in anonymous mode.

If it was the hiring manager for a job you want, do this.

LinkedIn Premium is Free for 30 Days

So, is LinkedIn Premium worth it? Heck yeah!

Plus, LinkedIn lets members try Premium at no cost for 30 days.

It’s zero risk as long as you do the check-in described below.

Make a Check-In Appointment with Yourself

Put a note on your calendar to check-in with yourself at the 25-day mark.

LinkedIn will email you a week before your free month expires. However, I’ve seen way too many posts in the LinkedIn Help Forum about emails that went to spam and people who didn’t see the email.

Mark your calendar. Don’t rely on LinkedIn to remind you.

You will probably want to keep Premium. Just know that LinkedIn won’t cancel your account once you start a billable month until the first of the next month.

If you want out, save yourself any out-of-pocket expense or hassle by canceling before your free month ends.

How to  Cancel Your LinkedIn Premium Account

Click here to go to the LinkedIn page that lets you cancel your Premium account or switch to another plan.

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Updated March 2021

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  1. Hi, another reader of your blog here! I found the post really helpful because as an undergraduate student, I’ve just recently created a LinkedIn but never been able to actually see what the differences are. Seeing your pictures really helped me understand the differences!

  2. Great info, Donna! I noticed this post was dated in 2015. Would love to see an update to this post. I know that LinkedIn made changes since then and there must be more than two ‘best’ reasons to pay for a LinkedIn premium account. On a related note, it would be useful to see reasons NOT to pay for a premium account, e.g., limited search functionality.

    Hi Curtis, Updated 2017 and 2018. Thank you, Donna

  3. Good stuff, Donna, especially when so much of what’s promoted today as great LinkedIn tips is nothing more than yesterday’s rehashed news.

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