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10 Types of Annoying Facebook Posts

You’ve read all the advice about locking your Facebook page down so recruiters and HR professionals can’t look at it. You’ve done that. Now you’re free to cut loose. Right? Well, no. Not until you think about how to annoy someone on Facebook.

Take a few minutes and look at your Friends list. Do you see any current or former colleagues there? Classmates? You know, people who might refer you to your next job?

Would You Refer an “Unfollowed” Facebook Friend to a Job?

Then, think about the friends who have annoyed you enough on Facebook to cause you to hide their posts from your feed. What are the odds you would refer any of them to a job? I will guess your answer is, “Zero to low.”

Facebook Packs a Double Career Punch or Offers a Double Benefit

Thus, your Facebook posts can hurt or help your career.

Consider these four possibilities. They can:

1. Annoy your friends so much that they wouldn’t even think about referring you to a job opportunity (the main topic of this post).

2. Keep you top of mind in the right way so that your friends remember you and want to refer you to job opportunities.

3. Repel recruiters, hiring managers, HR professionals, and background checkers so much that they won’t consider hiring you.

4. Show the same people you would be a great cultural fit in their organization.

Because of this, you don’t want to be unfollowed — but can you avoid it?

Can You Avoid Being Unfollowed?

First, accept that you will hide some people, and some people will hide you. Facebook helps us get to know each other. Sometimes we find out we don’t have much in common. Even so, we’d probably still give each other referrals for appropriate jobs. Don’t worry about those unfollows.

Second, know that you can avoid unfollows by keeping your annoying posts to a “low” or “no” level.

Read on to see if you recognize any of these hideable types:

10 Annoying Facebook Posts People Hide

1. The Hater

The Hater might be a racist or a political demagogue. They’re so wrapped up in spewing their truth that only another hater would refer them to a job opportunity.

2. The Troll

The Troll consistently picks online fights and is nasty to others. Wouldn’t you love to work with them? See more about a Troll here.

3. The Marketer

The Marketer friended you so they can promote their company and sell products and services to you. They’ve put you in a custom group. You’ll never get to know them personally, and they hid your posts from their feed right after you accepted their invitation.

4. The Egoist

The Egoist posts an inordinate number of selfies and other shots where they figure prominently. They often accompany their photos with a blizzard of hashtags. As if that’s not enough, they supplement their photostream with humble and overt brags.

5. The Over-Sharer

The Over-Sharer doesn’t know when to stop posting. While this is a subjective measure, you know it when you see it.

6. The Passionist

Like the Over-Sharer, except the bulk of the Passionist’s posts follow a single hobby or cause.

7. The TMI-ist

The TMI-ist shares details of their life you Don’t Want to Know.

8. The Addict

Again, a subjective measure, but you will hide the Addict when you see one too many glasses of wine, enough joints, or other habits that make you uncomfortable.

9. The Revenge Seeker

The Revenge Seeker publicly escalates an interpersonal conflict to Facebook to embarrass the person who has wronged them. (If only I had a photo of the guy who almost ran me off the bike path today…)

10. The Birthday Phantom

The Birthday Phantom visits Facebook once a year to bask in their birthday greetings, say a quick “thanks,” and split. You know they know how to find the site, but they don’t make an effort to wish others a happy birthday.

One More Career-Limiting Type of Post

While you might not want to unfollow them, the person who posts complaints about their colleagues probably won’t get many job leads from their Facebook friends.


While we’re all likely some of these people some of the time, it’s a constant, consistent theme that will make your friends hide you and take you off their referral lists. Don’t be that person!

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Updated July 2019

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  1. I cannot stress how important it is to manage your online reputation and develop an ‘online personal brand’ to reinforce a positive message. Avoid being tagged in posts and photos. Recruiters and background checkers now routinely check online profiles.

  2. If someone is applying for a job through social media, then it’s important to optimize your profile and not sharing anything personal that can take off your job.

  3. A good tip from ExecCareers! Here’s Facebook Help on how to protect yourself:

    “How can I use Timeline Review to see posts I’m tagged in before they appear on my Facebook timeline?”

  4. And for Tressie, another useful page from Facebook Help:

    “How do I hide or delete posts I’ve shared from my Page?”

    If you’re job hunting, it’s a good idea to do a remedial clean-up of your Facebook page!

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