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How to Find an Awesome Photographer for Your LinkedIn Profile Photo

Hiring a professional photographer for your LinkedIn profile photo can be confusing.

To help, I used LinkedIn to crowdsource several ideas on how to find a good headshot photographer.

Check out these 4 tips from career experts and LinkedIn users:

1. Ask Local Colleagues

Look at the LinkedIn pictures of local colleagues. Find one you like. Ask who their photographer was.

~ Donna Schilder, Executive Coach

I love a good referral!

2. Peter Hurley, a well-known headshot photographer, trains them.

~ Wendi Weiner, Career Branding Expert

I like Wendi’s idea because it shows that the photographer has had quality training and belongs to a professional community. Thus, they continue to learn and improve their product.

3. Ask Real Estate Brokers in Your Area

I often recommend contacting a real estate brokerage in your area.

They need headshots on every realtor’s business card. So, they have a good network of (reasonably priced) local headshot photographers.

~ Laura Smith-Proulx, Executive Resume Writer

This would be especially useful in small towns where the two ideas above might not work.

4. The Budget Solution

I randomly met a woman who was an amateur photographer. She was practicing her craft, and we were able to do my headshots for a low price.

My pics turned out great, she was able to add them to her portfolio, and I was able to recommend other people to her. There may be a photography student in your area that needs to practice and will cut you a deal.

~ Stacey Stringfellow, Banking Executive

Vetting Photographers

Once you have a prospect or a list, be sure to check each photographer’s:

  1. Portfolio

  2. Pricing

  3. Availability

  4. Proof turnaround time

  5. Approach to ensuring your satisfaction

Note: Be leery of using 5-star review sites for vetting purposes. They’re way too easy to game.

Now, read the following tips, and you will be ready to go!

Tips for Your LinkedIn Profile Photo

Follow PhotoFeeler’s evidence-based advice for optimizing your LinkedIn profile.

2 Small Image Tips for Your Photographer

Remind your photographer that your headshot will be a small image on a big page. Because of that, faces get lost:

  1. When there’s low contrast between the photographer’s background and your hair color, fix this at the shoot, not later.

  2. In waist-high and standing shots. So make this a headshot, from the top of your shoulders up.

3 Technical Tips for Your Photographer

  1. 400 x 400-pixel image sizes work well.

  2. LinkedIn limits your uploadable file size to 8MB.

  3. LinkedIn limits you to PNG and JPG file types.

Uploading Your Photo to LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers step-by-step help to get your lovely face up and out to the world in seconds.

Let’s Connect on LinkedIn

Please don’t hesitate to invite me to connect on LinkedIn here: Donna Svei, Executive Resume Writer. The more I know about my readers, the better I can make my blog.

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Updated March 2024

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  1. Donna Svei, thanks for including my tip for finding a photographer in this post!

    I like this tip: “Polish your profile’s look by wearing a color in your photo that you echo in your background image.”

    And, I give a related tip to our Coaching clients: make sure the background of the photo contrasts with the color of your hair so that you stand out.

    For people who wear glasses, make sure you choose a picture where your eyes can be seen clearly through your glasses. Make sure your photographer is aware that you want your eyes to be seen.

  2. Hi Donna,

    I am a Photographer and I would like to share also other tips that might be useful to find a Linkedin Photographer:

    – Check for Photographer Certifications / Accreditations / Affiliations
    If the photographer has a Photography Certificate or Diploma this shows that the photographer is commited to learn and follow a process to deliver high quality results. (For example Linkedin provides courses and certificates).
    If the photographer is part of an association of professional headshot photographers like for example that means that he was reviewed on the experience.
    – Check the previous clients photos on Linkedin or ask photographer about linkedin profiles links from previous clients.
    In other words: Are the photos actually used by specific clients on LinkedIn? Do you like the style?

    Linkedin clients profiles links examples from my previous photos made:

    Other elements that could show photographer experience:

    – Video/s or Photos with photographer and client. (showing setup behind the scenes)
    In the video/s or photo/s you can check for example if the photographer is using a professional camera, a tripod or a specific light setup.

    – (optional) Third-party Reviews from reliable sources: Linkedin reviews or Google Maps page reviews
    These are more reliable vs. other sources for reviews.

    Disclaimer: As a Photographer I have included from elements above on my Linkedin headshots photography site: to help people to make an easier decision.

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