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The Bright Side of Being Trolled

Beginning in 2018, Mike Podesto, owner of Parker, Colorado resume writing firm, Find My Profession, started writing “reviews” that troll hundreds of professional resume writers.

Mike Podesto

Mike is a 27-year-old Internet marketer. He sells resume services to job seekers via 2 websites, and He’s not one of my clients or a business associate in any way.

Mike Podesto’s “Reviews” on

Mike has attacked and tried to divert business from hundreds of other resume writers. His tactics have included:

  • Fake 5-star reviews of his company on Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and other third-party review sites
  • Fake 1-star reviews of other resume writers on third-party sites
  • False, negative descriptions of other resume writing services
  • Claiming other writers don’t have public reviews when they do (particularly on LinkedIn)
  • Libelous websites, posts, and accusations about other resume writers
Responses to Mike’s Behavior

In 2019, the BBB asked Mike, a BBB member, to prove or remove his claims from his website and other locations. They censured him when he didn’t.

As a result, he added an “advertising disclosure” on some of the “reviews” on

However, he doesn’t disclose his egregious conflicts of interest on the face of his reviews. Nor does he comply with FTC regulations, which carry the force of law, regarding reviews of competitors.

Beyond the BBB, as career-oriented organizations and publications became aware of his behavior, they expelled Mike and restricted his ability to post on their sites.

In addition to his public attacks, Mike also makes threatening phone calls and writes emails to bully resume writers who object to his marketing practices into fear and silence.

His behavior caused one of the subjects of Mike’s harassment to file suit against him. The federal court proceeding, Weiner v. Podesto, alleged libel, libel per se, deceptive or unfair conduct, and material misrepresentation.

During the suit, which appears to have been settled via mediation, Mike admitted to many of the allegations. His admissions included libelous activities and writing the fake 5-star and 1-star reviews noted above.

The 10 Best Resume Writers

With that background, let’s look at Mike’s lists. His website,,  currently contains lists of the “10 best resume writers” in many cities:

Allentown, Atlanta, Austin,
Boston, Bridgeport, Buffalo,
Calgary, Charleston, Charlotte, Chicago, Colorado Springs, Columbus,
Dallas, Denver, Detroit,
Edmonton, El Paso,
Ft. Worth,
Grand Rapids,
Hartford, Houston,
Jacksonville, Kansas City,
Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Louisville,
Memphis, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Montreal,
Nashville, New Orleans, New York City,
Orlando, Ottawa,
Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, Providence,
Sacramento, St. Louis,  Salt Lake City, San Antonio,
San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Silicon Valley,
Tampa, Toronto, Tucson,
Vancouver, Ventura, Virginia Beach,
Washington, D.C., and Winnipeg.

Even though he doesn’t appear to have hired any of the resume writers he lists and “reviews,” Mike has written negative, frequently wrong information about working with them.

Beyond that, he rated Parker-based Find My Profession as the #1 resume writing company in each of the cities listed above. We’ll give him #1 for Parker, but the rest of the US and the world (see below)? Come on.

While Mike reviews writers he hasn’t hired, you can find reviews of Find My Profession written by people who have hired the company.

One example appears on The professional reviewer summarized Find My Profession as “expensive” with a “mediocre product.”

You can also find complaints filed by real clients against Find My Profession on the Colorado BBB’s website.

The 10 Best Resume Writing Services in America

In addition to his “10 Best Resume Writers” posts, Mike has rated his company as the best resume writing service in all of America and several large states. You can find these articles on

  • 10 Best Resume Writers in America
  • 10 Best Resume Writing Services in California
  • The Best Resume Writing Services in Texas
  • The Best Resume Writing Services in Florida
  • 10 Best Resume Writing Services in Ohio
The 10 Best Resume Writers in India & Australia

Yes, you read that correctly. Mike ranks his company as the best resume writer in India. As the crow flies, it’s 7,700 miles from Parker to Dehli.

Moreover, he rates his company as the best resume writer in Australia. Parker to Sydney is 8,325 miles.

He also touts his company as the best resume writer in Paris [insert Gallic shrug].

The 10 Best Executive Resume Writers

Beyond his geographic claims, Mike has written several posts naming his company the best executive resume writing service.

He also has multiple posts claiming to be the best:

  • C-level resume writer
  • CEO resume writer
  • CXO resume writer (fill in the X)
The Best Way to Find a Resume Writer

If you want to find the best resume writer for you, I’ve written a guide that walks you through how to do it. I describe 2 approaches, one easy and one that requires a little more effort, to find a resume writer who will meet your unique needs.

I don’t recommend specific companies or writers because I don’t have the information about you I would need to make a helpful referral.

You will benefit the most from finding the best resume writer for your facts and circumstances.

Even though it seems easy, avoid picking a name off lists of dubious credibility. If you see anything about an “advertising disclosure,” you’re looking at an ad.

The Best Career Coach

Forging new ground, in 2019, Mike also started proclaiming his company the “best career coach” in several cities. None of the people on his LinkedIn employee list have coaching certifications.

The 10 Best Executive Search Firms

Mike has also declared his company, a B2C job search company, the best executive recruiting firm in America. They don’t do recruiting.

Will Mike Podesto’s Reviews Continue to Expand?

Will Mike continue to write reviews on that claim he’s the best *whatever* in the world?

I hope not. His posts divert job seekers looking for a resume writer or other career services provider to a 27-year-old who can’t, by his admission, find a good job for himself.

That person is a few years out of Fresno State and spent less than a year recruiting junior software developers before anointing himself a career expert.

The Benefits of Being Trolled by Mike Podesto

Regardless of what becomes of Mike and his marketing, I have found a bright side to being trolled. I’ve:

  • Learned a lot about white hat (OK with Google) and black hat (not OK with Google ) SEO techniques.
  • Confirmed I have many friends in the careers community and made some new ones.

Good Luck? Bad Luck? Who Knows?

Being trolled turns out to be like the old farmer story, “Good luck? Bad Luck? Who knows?”

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